My great-grandmother Rosalie Sabraw/Sabourin-Rivett had a few siblings that also moved to the Zilwaukee, Michigan area. As I discover more information about them, I will post it.

Melino Sabourin, or Lena, as she was known, was her younger sister.  She was born July 1, 1860 in Kemptville, Ontario. She came to Michigan about 1881 when she was only 21.  Her life is very sketchy and we believe that she was rather the black sheep of the family.  She worked at whatever odd jobs that she could find and later wound up in Kawkawlin, Michigan working as a partner on a farm.  Here is where a real mystery occurs.  Lena married a man named River Tanta in 1902 in Linwood, Michigan.  The farm where she worked was owned by a man and his wife named Oliver and Vitalene Tanta.  Is River actually Oliver?  Did Vitalene die and he then married Lena?  No one knows, but in 1930, Lena was a widow, living in Saginaw.  She did not have any children. Lena died in Saginaw on June 30, 1944.

Eugenie Sabraw, or Jennie, as she was known, was the next youngest sister.  She was born October 12, 1862, also in Kemptville, Ontario. It is unknown when Jennie came to Michigan, but she married a man named Roy Joseph Dorey on July 14, 1891.  They too, settled in Zilwaukee and proceeded to have seven children between 1891 and 1907.  Joseph, who was born in Quebec, worked in the local sawmills also.  Their seven children were Roy, Mary, William, IdaMae, Wilford,  Lena,  and Lawrence. Mom always remembered her Aunt Jennie as a happy lady and enjoyed her company.  She died January 19, 1957 at the age of 95.

Great-grandma's  youngest brother was Joseph Sabourin, born June 4, 1875 in Kemptville. He also moved to the United States, but came to Michigan after first living in North Dakota, having entered the country by rail in 1889.  His exact whereabouts in the U.S. at that time are unknown.  In 1916, he decided to move to Zilwaukee also, and he moved in with Peter and Rosalie.   Later he stayed with his brother Davidís family, probably until his marriage to a widow, Florida Routier Sauve in 1920.  As far as determined, they  never had any children.  Joseph and Florida lived in the city of Saginaw.  He kept the original Sabourin spelling. Joseph died August 23, 1961 in Saginaw.

Another of Great-grandma's younger brothers was David Sabraw, who was born July 30, 1869 in Kemptville. He came to Michigan in 1884 to work in the sawmills when he was about 15 years old.  He married Deliah LaBrach June 29, 1891, and they too, settled in Zilwaukee.  They had five children, George, Mamie, Lillian Ann, Alice, Georgiana Rose, and David, all of whom settled in Zilwaukee.  David died March 6, 1917, at the age of 48.  David also went by the last name of Sabraw.

Great-grandma Rosalie had another sister, Catherine Sabourin, born May 15, 1867. I have accumulated a bit more information about Catherine, so I have included a separate page about her.  

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