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August Karl      and                       Martha Troge


Frank Martin and Ruth Emma Troge


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     My TROGE family ancestors originated in WEST PRUSSIA, Germany.                                                                  As early as 1810, they lived in and around the area of NEUGOLTZ, in Deutch Krone.                                             The Deutsch Krone was formerly  part of Prussia,  today it is called Walcz, and is                                                now part of Poland. Specifically, my ancestors lived at one time or another in the cities                                            of Zippnow, Riege, Rederitz , and Stabitz. Over the years, many changes occurred in                                            the boundaries as the government was challenged and was fought over. Today these                                          cities are now located within Poland’s boundaries, and have been renamed as described                                              below.

 Zippnow is now called Sypniewo and is under the jurisdiction of Jastrow in Poland.

         See the following link for some interesting information about Zippnow and a few pictures:



Riege is now called Lezenica.

Rederitz is now Nadarzyce.

Stabitz is now Zdbice.

                               A city in the Deutsch Krone



Below is a map showing the location of West Prussia in the years 1871-1918, in relation to                                  other parts of Germany and Poland - it is number 13.


Prussia in the German Empire 1871–1918




For a closer view of the Deutsch Krone area check out this 1910 map. Rederitz is                                    about 1/5 of the way down, center-right, and Stabitz is a lttle below that. Zippnow                                        is in between them, a little more to the right.





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For other maps and information about the Deutsch-Krone area see the following link:



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